Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ideas for a Unique Pattaya Tour

If you are on a Pattaya tour, you should definitely consider visiting some gorgeous sites in and little outside Pattaya. There are many islands located just offshore Pattaya that are definitely worth visiting because of their amazing scenery, coral and fine beaches.
Pattaya and its surrounding areas are known for sailing, therefore, there are numerous boats sailing and cruising around the nearby islands. After all, there are also several prestigious and well appointed marinas that serve as an ideal place for the anchorage of small or luxurious yachts. It all depends whether you are on a daily Pattaya tour, or a half day tour. You can go to the promenade pier which is located at the south part of the city and find a boat that will take you to the nearby islands.
A large boat can take almost 20 people for a daily Pattaya tour, and you should expect to pay around about 1,500 baht for one of the more distant islands. Travel time depends, but in some cases can take up to 2 hours.

One of the places you have to visit on a Pattaya tour is Ko Lan, which is located 8km away from the shore. This place is ideal for divers since there is a remarkable abundance of coral. However, you can always go on a small glass bottom boat to enjoy the underwater spectacle if you are not that comfortable with diving. The majority of boats moor at Ta Waen which is a beach at the north end of this island; it is full of bars and stalls where you can buy your drinks and snacks. There are many more beaches on the island, which can be less crowded depending on the time of the year. Water sports are offered on all beaches of the island, including water ski, parasail, and watercrafts. If you find yourself there in a weekday you will have a chance to enjoy it to its full, since on weekends the island gets crowded with numerous visitors from other Thai cities.

Ko Krok is another option you have; it is a sandy beach on the eastern part of the island. Snorkeling is a great option there since the coral is spectacular. Further on to the west, you can see another group of islands, the Ko Pai islands including the Ko Leum and Ko Pai, which are a great idea for a day Pattaya tour since they also offer an excellent option for scuba diving and snorkeling. They are 13km away from the shore, so they attract less visitors; this means that you can enjoy the beach and waters to the full, since they rarely get crowded.
If you are into something more conventional, you can always visit Nong Nooch Village, where you can see traditional local dancers and enjoy the scenic view. There are also some huge but friendly pachyderms that you can ride, if you are up to some thrill during this half day Pattaya tour. You should also consider not missing a visit to the truly lovely Orchid Gardens of Pattaya.
Are you planning your coming holiday in Thailand and looking for Thailand travel guide If yes, then click on the links to get the best deal of Hotel in Thailand or you can visit Pattaya Hotel and Pattaya Hotel Booking website.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Swollen Envy of a Pygmy Mind

The New York Times featured a nicely admiring article about Israeli Jazz artists performing in New York:

"The proposition that jazz is a global language, spanning continents and cultures, has been a reliable diplomatic device for so many years that it now has the ring of a banality.

Dani Miller
“Jazz became the world’s music long ago,” said Susan E. Rice, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, in that organization’s General Assembly hall on Monday night. “There is by now a rich tradition of Nordic jazz. There’s South Asian jazz, there’s Russian jazz and Chinese jazz.”

Ms. Rice was speaking at a concert to celebrate International Jazz Day, an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and if her quick catalog left out Israeli jazz, that was probably just as well: no need to state the obvious. Over the last 15 years, Israel has produced and exported so many serious young musicians that the jazz landscape is hard to picture without their influence, particularly in New York and especially now." (My emphasis)

Let's re-read what the article states: "Over the last 15 years, Israel has produced and exported so many serious young musicians that the jazz landscape is hard to picture without their influence,"

Prof. Abukhalil, ever the vigilant Zionist-hater, expresses a violent displeasure to this rather innocuous and easily verifiable accolade. According to his intelligent interpretation, the article is claiming that Jazz is Israeli. That is, Israel claims to be the originator of Jazz. And Abukhalil will have none of it. What, Jazz is Israeli? Isn't it enough that Israel "stole the Falafil" it now pretends that Jazz is authentic Israeli music?

This is the kind of mind that the State University of California entrusts with teaching its young students. 


Here is another example that highlights the distinguished quality of Abukhalil's thinking. Note how delighted he is by the vulgar humour displayed by some young Arabs: 


I have noticed that many young Arabs write Netanyahu's name in Arabic as:
نتن يا هو
which would read as "filth, o people".

PS Ali tells me:  "Just wanted to tell you that نتن يا هو was first used during the 1996 Zionist attack on Lebanon".
And how ignorant he is when he quotes "Ali" as avowing that this vulgarizing tradition of spelling Netanyahu's name was  begun during Israel's 1996 attack on Lebanon. 

The Prime Minister who presided over "Sour Grapes" was Shimon Peres, not Netanyahu.  So, do you believe "Ali"? Are you impressed by AbuKhalil's  intellectual quality of criticising Israeli policies (or whatever)? Are you moved to mirth by his inclination for low-brow spurts of childish and vulgar animus towards Israel?

If you are still hesitant in making a severe judgment on AbuKhalil's intellectual abilities and general faculties (such as they are), read this comment.
Do you wonder what kind of news, information, understanding or analysis is exactly being purveyed by this person with his incontinent verbal passing of noxious intestinal gas via the anus?
Do you know how easy it is to make fun of As'ad, a name that could be read as an acronym of ass and head?


Update: Another empty braggadoccio from the professor:

"US cash

I am willing to bet my farm (the family sold the farm in Tyre, actually), that there has never been an election in the Middle East since the 1950s in which the US did not intervene in with cash.  Not one."
He is willing to bet a farm he does not own on making some outlandish statement which he has no way of proving, ever. What does it mean when you make a bet on something while your bank account is totally empty? What do we call such persons who do that?  A liar? A coward?  An empty barrel that makes a lot of noise when on a roll? Would he dare bet his academic position on this fulmination?  What do you think?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Piercing Articles

Piercing Articles

Piercing Care Articles

  • Dolphin Bites Piercing infomation

    The Dolphin Bites piercing is a fairly rare piercing. I only say fairly rare because of its location, there are many different styles of piercings under the lower lip but they have different names because they have slightly different locations.
  • Piercing Risks

    Risks to Consider in Body Piercing
    The significance of body piercing as written in the annals of our human history has brought us to where we are today. It has lingered within our ancient culture even up to now.

    Today, body piercing is rega...
  • Nose piercings-The aftermath

    As we know the nose piercing is a very common form of body modification. While most of us want to make a statement to the world that we are daring and rebellious with it.
  • Tongue Piercing, Anyone?

    Tongue piercing offers exciting rewards, such as self-esteem boost, popularity among peers, heightened sexual experience for some, but also poses some risks such as chipped teeth, receding gums and ugly infections, which of course can be avoided if proper...  more

    Love and care is exactly what your new piercing needs. Not taking care or using the wrong and harmful products is not only harmful, but it also prolongs the piercing healing process. Most of the piercers would give you a set of instructions that you have ...  more

     Piercing Articles

    Lip piercings
    Piercing in Medicine
    The Monroe and the Medusa
    Stretched ear piercinird-body-art-piercings.html" target="_blank"> Weird Piercings
    The photos can speak more for themselves...
  • How to Remove Scars Left from Piercing

    Scars primarily caused by piercings are called keloids. They appear to be raised fibrous tissues that occur mostly on skins that experienced traumatic injury with the piercing. Though keloids are not dangerous, they can be embarrassing as they may appear ...  more
  • How to Hide Your Tattoos and Piercings During a Job Interview

    A practical way of getting away with tattoos and piercings in a stereotyped society
  • Common Body Piercing Problems

    If you have ever experienced piercing then you would know that though it is not very painful, but requires a lot of care afterwards for a few weeks. You need to take proper care of it because bacteria definitely attack the piercing. Here in this article y...  more

Travel From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya by Bus or Taxi

Many travelers arriving at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand for the first time have no idea how to find the bus or taxi's to Pattaya.
This article will help the first time traveler to Thailand find the bus and taxi ranks in Bangkok international airport and how to find the meeting point where friends and private hire drivers wait to collect their friends, family and passengers. The first thing people notice when arriving at Bangkok international airport is how far it is from the plane to the customs control. Luckily Bangkok airport have many long moving walk ways which make the journey from the plane to customs much easier especially when carrying heavy bags.
Once you've collected your baggage and cleared customs then comes the problem of leaving the airport and finding your way to Pattaya. At first the size of the airport can be a little intimidating as with all large modern airports but Bangkok airport is not only modern and clean it is also very well sign posted. Look for the blue information signs they're located by all the main exits and above..
When leaving customs you'll enter the main arrivals hall close to Gate 8 on the second floor. To hire a taxi to take you from the airport to Pattaya go down to the first floor. There are plenty of escalators to take you or use the glass lift. On the first floor head for gate 4. Gate 4 is where the taxi rank is located. Just outside the gate is a taxi ticket booth. Go to the booth and tell the assistant where you want to go. The assistant will tell you the price and hand you a ticket. Give this ticket to the taxi driver who is waiting at the booth. The ticket tells the driver where your going and how much to charge. The average charge by taxi to Pattaya is 1500 Baht.

Also from the airport there is a non stop bus service that takes you straight into Pattaya and stops at the mini mart on Thappraya road Jomtien. The bus will also stop along Sukhumvit road in Pattaya if the driver is requested too. To catch the bus for Pattaya, go down to first floor and head towards gate 8. At gate 8 there are ticket booths offering taxi and bus services. The bus to Pattaya is clearly marked and is close to the Magic restaurant. The price of the bus ticket is 124 Baht.
The journey time from Bangkok airport to Pattaya is now only one and a half hours.
While on the first floor you can take advantage of the Magic restaurant. This is the coupon restaurant that mainly Thai's and those in the know use. It's a lot cheaper than the food emporiums found on the third floor. The magic restaurant is clean and cheap and serves a mix of Thai, Muslim and Vietnamese dishes. A meal will cost between 35 and 60 Baht. If you've never used a coupon restaurant before it's very straight forward. Go to the counter and ask for coupons to the value you want to spend in the restaurant. With the coupons go to one of the many food stations inside and order your meal. When finished, any coupons you have not spent are returned at the counter where you bought them from and change to the value of the coupons is returned to you.

So far this article has covered how to find the taxi rank and the bus to Pattaya and along the way somewhere cheap to eat. However! Some who arrive at the airport have a private car waiting to collect them or a friend to meet. To meet friends and relatives and pre arranged private hire cars go to gate 3. Gate 3 is also called the meeting point. All the exits have round numbers above them. As you leave customs control you will be on the second floor near gate 8. At gate 8 there are large blue signs giving important information such as where to find the meeting point. These signs clearly point to gate 3 and the meeting point. Here friends and pre arranged private hire drivers will be waiting to meet you holding up their white boards with their customer names written on them.
A quick re-cap. When leaving customs on the second floor go to gate 3 if your meeting friends or have someone waiting to collect you. Also to be found on the second floor are the Thai tourist police and the lost luggage office. Go down to the first floor to catch a taxi or bus to Pattaya. Also on the first floor is the coupon restaurant. Clean and cheap Thai food.: On all floors there are telephone cum internet stations which cost 10 baht a minute. A little expensive but if you need to make a phone call or use the internet there invaluable
What about the other floors? Well located on the third floor are the restaurants and drink vendors and up on the fourth is the international departures and check in control. This article has dealt with international arrivals and the various ways of traveling to Pattaya. This article has been written through many years of experience of meeting people at Bangkok international airport and listening to the problems they have had finding transport to Pattaya and locating the meeting point at gate 3.
Inside the the airport the floors are marked as Floor 1, Floor 2 and so on

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

hairstyles trends for woman update 2012

hairstyles trends for woman update 2012

2012 long hairstyles

bouncy hairstyle

Long & bouncy

Described as a gorgeous blow-out the bouncy blow dry gives long hair a groomed, elegant yet relaxed finish. Inspired, in part, by the 70s fashion revival but working across most of 2012′s looks, you can read our guide to the bouncy blow dry for a step-by-step tutorial on getting the look and ensuring that you have the optimum bounce in the roots and the soft waves to frame your face.
Hair type suited to: long straight hair & long wavy hair.
Hair colour suited to: all.
long wavy hairstyle

Homemade curls

Both nostalgic and modern, this girlish and quirky hairstyle features many an element of other 2012 hairstyle trends: it has a parting and obvious product definition. Soft and eye-catching, homemade curls give off a laid back air as one of 2012′s long hairstyle trends. Follow the link for a full tutorial as well as tips on what to style the hairstyle with.
Hair type suited to: long straight hair & long wavy hair.
Hair colour suited to: all, though we feature it with blonde hair.
french twist hairstyle

French twist

Given that classic fashion revivals define 2012, it should come as no surprised to find that classic hairstyles also go a long way to defining the year. Equally of no surprise is the fact that the French twist hairstyle features for the year. Click the link for the full how-to and styling tips guide.
Hair type suited to: long straight hair & long wavy hair.
Hair colour suited to: all.
Season suited to: best as a spring / summer 2012 hairstyle
looped under ponytail

Looped under ponytail

Less of a bun and more of a ponytail that’s been folded and looped under, this hairstyle offers up a mood somewhere between easy and casual, and tightly equestrian. It provided the perfect compliment to Carolina Herrera’s spring runway; as it can to your own outfits. For your own looped under ponytail click the link for the full how-to guide and styling tips.
Hair type suited to: long straight hair & long wavy hair.
Hair colour suited to: all.
Season suited to: best as a spring / summer 2012 hairstyle
tumbled tail hairstyle

The ‘tumbled tail’

The only thing tricky about this hairstyle is it’s appearance. Simple to create, it gives off the illusion of being a fish plait, but in fact there’s no braiding involved. This faux fish braid, dubbed the tumbled tail, is worth a try at home. Click the link for the full how-to and styling tips guide.
Hair type suited to: mid-long straight hair & wavy hair.
Hair colour suited to: all.
Season suited to: best as a spring / summer 2012 hairstyle
tomboy ponytail

Tomboy ponytail

With androgynous fashion a dominant trend for 2012, this nonchalant style is the ideal marriage of masculinity and femininity. Read more about the tomboy ponytail, including step-by-step instructions on creating it, at that link.
Hair type suited to: mid-long straight hair.
Hair colour suited to: all.
brigitte bardot hair

Half up Brigitte Bardot hair

It’s so classically sex kitten that we’d hardly limit it to a 2011 hair trend; but this Brigitte Bardot bouffant hairstyle – half up, half out and as sexy or as sleek as you want to make it – is one that sits perfectly with the year’s fashions. This is a modern, understated take that will suit day or night.
womens rock hair

Women’s rockabilly hair

It’s the one 2012 hairstyle that’s in for both men and women. Emerging first as a men’s hair trend and now as a women’s, the women’s rockabilly hairstyle plays to the country Americana theme running through some of 2012′s fashion. Seldom subtle, but best worn rough and ready as on Proenza Schouler’s catwalk, you can see that style and all the others by following the link to the guide.
side pinned waves

Side pinned waves

Flowing, bouncy waves accessorised by a side-pinned barrette create something of a girlish charm. While long hair works fantastically well for this look – as seen on the spring runway of Sonia Rykiel – this hairstyle can also work for short or mid hair lengths. A collision of forties glamour and seventies relaxed cool, you can create the style for yourself by following our side pinned waves how to guide.

2012 mid-length hairstyles

2012 bob hairstyle

Retro faux bob

As perfect as a Stepford wife, as ice cool as Betty Draper, as vintage as yesteryear and as modern as tomorrow, 2012′s faux bob hairstyle gives the year a structured, pristine, ‘done’ hairstyle that borrows much from the 60s fashion revival. Read our guide to the faux bob hairstyle for the 6 key steps to making the look your own.
tousled flapper bob

Tousled flapper bob

With a twenties revival comes an inevitability of a flapper-inspired hairstyle. This one isn’t a sharp, Louise Brooks bob though, nor is it intended as a pristine finger wave. Instead the modern update on the twenties hairstyle is a tousled, mildly dishevelled one. You don’t need short hair either – it can be cleverly faked. Read our guide to the tousled flapper bob for details on how to create it.
wet bun hairstyle 2012

Wet-look chignon

Don’t be afraid to get your hair wet in 2012 – or at least give the impression that it’s wet. Amongst a long list of wet look 2012 hairstyles, this wet look chingon offers up plenty of versatility along with a relaxed feel. Follow the link for a step-by-step tutorial.
Hair type suited to: straight hair, relaxed curly hair & wavy hair.
Hair length suited to: mid-length haircut or long hair.
Hair colour suited to: all colours and complexions.
piled hairstyle 2012

Piled up and pinned hairstyle

If there’s a middle ground between being stylishly done and carelessly undone, this 2012 women’s hairstyle occupies it. Elegant to a tee, it doesn’t require precision or complex tools (bobby pins are your friend – and lots of them) but it does require a little finesse to pull off that undone-done look of effortless chic. Our guide to the piled and pinned hairstyle takes you through each of the steps.
Hair type suited to: straight hair, relaxed curly hair & wavy hair.
Hair length suited to: mid-length haircut or long hair.
Hair colour suited to: all colours and complexions.
chignon side waves

Chignon with side waves

As seasons change, hairstyles are given new twists. This year the always dependable chignon gets reinvented. In this take, it gets a sweeping side part with soft waves on one side, creating a unique effect that varies with the angle you view it from. Visit the step-by-step tutorial on creating the chignon with side waves.
Hair type suited to: straight hair, relaxed curly hair & wavy hair.
Hair length suited to: shoulder length to long hair.
Hair colour suited to: all colours and complexions.
twist hairstyle 2012

Double French twist

On the spring / summer 2012 runway of Diane von Furstenberg, models emerged with a back-combed crown that swirled back into two mirrored French twists. The effect? A 1960s style bouffant hairstyle that crowns any outfit with an elegant vintage vibe. We call it the double French twist, and that link will take you to a galleries worth of photo inspiration, as well as taking you through the 8 steps needed to getting the twist hairstyle in 2012.

2012 short hairstyles

2012 short hair

Mod bob

Short. Voluminous. Messy. This is the 2012 women’s hairstyle that marries a short hair cut with the best of the 1960s fashion revival to create a Mod bob that’s been inspired by the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy. Follow the link for photo inspiration and a styling tutorial.
2012 afro

Afro hair

With the return of all things 1970s it should come as no surprise to find that the afro sits amongst 2012′s hairstyles. Appearing on the streets and in many a photo shoot, Afro hair is being interpreted for 2012 in a soft and dreamy way. Follow the link for styling inspiration.

Rock crop haircut

Given it has so many devotees, the pixie crop isn’t disappearing from amongst 2012’s haircut trends. But it is being adapted. In the face of the likes of the 1920s fashion revival, we’re seeing the pixie crop deviate into several different styles. There’s the 60s and 70s crops, there’ll be the 20s crop, and, for 2012, there’s the rock crop.
The short haircut for those to whom both the very short fringe (see below) and the rockabilly hairstyle (see above) appeal, the rock crop takes on an androgynous edge in 2012. And it does so for both autumn (fall) / winter and spring / summer 2012 courtesy of Lanvin popularising the haircut on both of its seasonal catwalks.
rock crop haircut
While in autumn / fall the rock crop haircut is given a rockabilly edge, for spring the haircut sits better alongside the wet look hairstyle (see below).

2012 hairstyles (all lengths)

women's 2012 hair part

Women’s side part

Whether you have short or long hair, or something in between, the side part is the fashionable hair parting in 2012. Working across most of the year’s fashion trends, and compatible with a large number of the other hair trends, our guide to the side part for women takes you through the different ways to wear the parting and provides over 80 different photos for styling inspiration.
women's wet hairstyle

Wet look hair

Perfectly slick or unceremoniously textured, flowing free or tied up high. A vast number of hairstyles across the spring / summer 2012 runways had one thing in common: they all had a wet-look finish. Read our guide to 2012′s wet look hairstyles to be taken through the key wet hairstyles.
indie bangs

Indie fringe / bangs

Fringes, or bangs, have had their revival the past few years. One particular style that remains strong is the grungy, indie take on the style: long, blunt, and bed-hairishly messy, it’s the cool girl’s interpretation for 2012. Read our guide to the indie fringe / bangs.

Center part

As the default hair parting for most women it seems somewhat silly to cite a centre hair part amongst 2012’s hairstyles. But bear with us. Hairstyle trends often have more than one element about them, and that’s the case with the centre part in 2012. Suited to all hair colors, the centre part aligns itself with two or 2012’s revival trends: ‘60s fashion and ‘70s fashion for spring / summer 2012.
center part
(Clockwise from top left) long and blonde with a 70s air at Kevork Kiledjian S/S 2012; a center part with 2012′s wet look at Alexander Wang; with a near-shoulder length bob at Luca Luca; with thick and dark hair at Luca Luca.
That means that the centre part continues to be all about long hair and soft waves. Naturally, there are other 2012 hairstyle trends that it aligns itself with and you wouldn’t be amiss to wear a centre part with the likes of the year’s wet and long hairstyle and its in-numerous up-dos.

2012 haircuts

The very short fringe / bangs.

Were it solely down to the costuming of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo it’d be easy to write this 2012 haircut trend off as far too limited in its demographic appeal to have an impact upon the wider fashion conscious. But with Dragon Tattoo likely to decimate the box office, Rooney Mara’s prime positioning across old and new media, and the fact that Mara has been described as bringing a mainstream sex appeal to the role of Lisbeth Salander, this is one haircut where you can say demographic appeal be damned. After all, if the potential success of the Dragon Tattoo film proves anything it’s that the mainstream is now far broader. Hence the H&M x Dragon Tattoo clothing collection. Hence this short fringe / bangs.
rooney mara bangs
Rooney Mara in Vogue magazine
Working across a number hair colors, though obviously a better fit with dark colored hair, the very short fringe / bangs needn’t have any demographic connotations at all. It all comes down to face shape. Keep the cut really short with a smaller forehead or a little bit longer, ala Bettie Page, if that’s what works better for you.
As if to prove both the latter point and the fact that the demographic limitations simply don’t exist with this really short fringe, you’ll find its a haircut that has also featured well away from the world of well-worn leather and umpteenth piercings. Model Aymeline Valade took the short fringe / bangs to the John Galliano spring / summer 2012 catwalk, and did so with a distinct level of modern elegance.
very short bangs
Very short bangs on Aymeline Valade

2012 hair accessories

2012 headscarf

Headscarf / hair wrap

With a new year comes new hair trends, and with new hair trends come a lust for new accessories. In 2012 the head scarf gets revived in a number of ways, from the retro-chic of vintage styles to the exotic appeal of the head wrap.
Read our guide to the head scarf / hair wrap at that link.

2011 long hairstyles

long hair trend

Double hair knot

There’s been a fixation of late for hair trends for long hair to have an effortless appeal to them: the double hair knot 2011 hair trend builds on that appeal. As simple as it sounds, this is a hair trend that can be worn in 2011′s autumn (fall) / winter seasons along with the year’s spring / summer seasons. Click the previous link to find out more, along with ‘how to style it’ tips and product recommendations.
top knot hair 2011

Braided topknot

With 2011′s hair trends dominated by hairstyles as opposed to particular cuts, it’s should come as no surprise to see that braids remain on trend. In 2011, however, the begin to fuse with other popular hairstyles, in this case the topknot. Click to find out more about the braided topknot including a detailed how-to guide, and a look at the catwalks that inspired it.
2011 hair braid

Half up braided hair

The side braid mightn’t be 2011′s hair braid of choice, but something with braids pulled to the side had to replace it. An effortless option comes to us with two braids in the form of the half up braided hairstyle. Made to be worn with an effortless attitude, follow the link for our how to guide to this 2011 long hairstyle.
2011 hair bun

Bird’s nest bun

By no means is this already a full blown 2011 hairstyle trend, nonetheless this is a look that moved with immediacy from the spring 2010 and pre-fall 2011 catwalks to the red carpet. And there it may remain as a 2011 hairstyle trend for that special event, despite the fact that it has the key element of all 2011 hair trends: an effortless look. Read more on the bird’s nest bun / powderpuff, including a detailed how to, by following the link.

2011 short hairstyles

short hair 2011

Waved bob

You’ll see in the 2011 haircut trends section below that the bob is back for 2011, though specifically with a fringe. For those who want or already have a bob haircut the question becomes how to style it in 2011. Taking the lead from the waved hair trends of 2010, the waved bob hairstyle is one of the on-trend ways to style a longer bob (again the trend length) in 2011. Click to read about 2011′s waved bob along with a simple how-to guide.

2011 haircuts

When it comes to picking your haircut for 2011 there’s one thing you need to know: the year’s fashion is all about revivals. Revivals of the 60s, revivals of the 70s, and revivals of more recent looks. And as it is for fashion, so too is it for 2011′s haircuts.
In 2011 the most on trend haircuts take their influences from the 20th century, with short haircuts influences by the 1960s and mid-length haircuts influenced by the 1970s. Read on for more information on 2011′s haircut trends.
haircut 2011

Fringe / bangs

Hair trends tend to come and go, but not so for this 2011 women’s hair cut trend, which is experiencing a major resurgence. Last a major trend in 2007 / 2008 this hair cut detail had died off by 2010, which was a year in which hair trends were dominated by hairstyles as opposed to hair cuts. But in 2011 it’s back as an overarching hair cut trend, one that can be worn with nearly all of the year’s hair colour and hair style trends. Find out more about fringes / bangs for 2011.

2011 medium length haircuts

short hair 2011

Bob with fringe / bangs

The bob is back, is reinterpreted and is re-imagined. Yes, it last with us only a few short years ago, but as a 2011 haircut the is longer and sports a fringe / bangs. As a 2011 hairstyle the bob is softer and more retro-inspired, having been infused with a 60s backcombing and a 70s soft, rounded shape. To find out more about the bob with bangs / fringe as a 2011 haircut and hairstyle, follow the link.

2011 short haircuts

2011 short hair

Pixie crop haircut

Recently hair trends have moved in three year cycles, and it’s no different for 2011′s hair trends. Hence we see yet another evolution of this short hair style as it reverts to the same short length that was last popular in 2007. In 2010 it was a haircut all about short sides and a longer fringe, as a 2011 haircut though the pixie crop is short all over – find out more by following the link.

2011 hair colors

choose hair color 2011

Choosing a 2011 hair colour

Normally’s annual hair trends guide lists individual colours to inspire you. 2011 is no different. But there is a twist. You see, 2011 hair colours are about more than individual shades with picking a new hair colour for yourself being a trend in itself. And we’re not talking about any change of shade, but a dramatic, head turning change. Hence 2011′s hair colour is just change it. Read our guide on picking a 2011 hair colour to find out more.
summer hair 2011

White blonde

With 2011′s hair all being about strong cuts and colours the strongest of blonde hair colours was always going to feature. And so it is that with models such as Siri Tollerod pushing the look white blonde / platinum blonde features as one of the hair colour trends for 2011, with it being a particularly strong look for the spring / summer 2011 season. 


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